The Story

Liquor-ish is an exciting company of mid-low abv spirits that currently sit in the flavoured Tequila and Rum category.

The brand was developed by 2 strangers who met at a hotel resort on holiday in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

They bravely had a shot of local Tequila that was placed in front of them by the bartender, and both reluctantly looked at each other and their expressions said (when in Rome n all that).

After knocking back the shot, they pulled 'that funny face' and realised they shared the same views on Tequila.

They continued to drink (to get rid of the Tequila burn of course), and sophisticatedly discuss the Flavoured sprits market, before coming up with a 'Loco' (crazy) idea of flavoured tequila but with new flavours to what had existed.

The brief was to make a ‘Tequila that doesn’t make you pull a funny face'.

They explored popular British flavours and found that Salted Caramel stood out and seemed a consumer favourite.

Along with the Tequila, the industry data showed that Spiced Rum was to be the next big thing.

Less than a year later, MYST Salted Caramel Tequila and MYST Spiced Apple Rum were born.